Why BioPipe 2

BioPipe: A brief history

In the last seven years, the BioPipe system has been installed in Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman Maldives and Bangladesh. These BioPipe systems are running successfully in resorts, hotels, high-rise office buildings, and residential facilities. In the future, it is expected that there will be a notable increase in these installation types, as well as a cost-effective replacement for today's septic systems in single-family homes and housing communities in both the USA and around the world.

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BioPipe circle of why
  • BioPipe is eco-friendly

Unlike other traditional systems Biopipe produce NO SLUDGE, NO ODOR, NO SOUND and NO WASTE.

  • BioPipe is scalable with a flexible modular design

Biopipe can treat the wastewater that is generated by individual houses, up to cities containing millions - all just as efficiency.  The system is compact, easy to install, transfer and operate.

  • BioPipe is cost-efficient

Biopipe brings energy consumption to a minimum, as it can store wastewater in a horizontal position. This requires less energy consumption.

  • BioPipe is fully automated

The systems are fully automated and can be controlled from remote locations.

  • BioPipe is sustainable

Biopipe guarantees a wastewater treatment system is good for life and is warranted with an annual maintenance agreement.

Exceeds EU Standards

Power Consumption

Power Consumption