Biopipe is classified as an innovative wastewater treatment technology, allowing our customers to achieve the requirement for LEED accreditation related to water efficiency and water re-use applications.


This video depicts the use of the BioPipe system for a sustainable, non-intrusive, and cost-effective residential solution.

Organic Farming

Narköy sustainable tourism center and organic farm (Turkey).

Biopipe solution used to treat all domestic wastewater, thereby using the treated water in agriculture and farming efforts. A portion of this project successfully focused on increasing certification points for the facility's LEED Certification.

Narkoy Ecological Hotel and Organic Farm


Hilton / Zeytinburnu Istanbul Hotel.

The hotel specifically requested this solution for purposes of LEED Certification.  Their challenge was primarily with space. The project was successful and the BioPipe solution was contained in an area compared to the size of two vehicle parking spaces.

hampton by Hilton Project

Shopping mall & housing complex

Tarakli Thermal & Complex Turkey .

This project allowed for treatment of domestic wastewater in the hotel, shopping mall, and housing complex areas. It allowed for a water capacity of 350m³/day – 3500 person/day to recycle wastewater for reuse in agriculture (by under < 20 BOD/day mg/lt water).

BioPipe Tarakli Thermal & Complex

Labor Camp

Metito Labor Camp in Doha, Qatar.

This project allowed for treatment of wastewater in one of the Metito labor camps. The project capacity was 100m³/day – 200 person/day in order to recycle wastewater for use in agriculture. In final stages, water is discharged by a pump. Afterward, any inactive bacteria having detached from the biofilm layer are captured by a 100 micron cartridge filter and a UV filter. As a results, the BioPipe water standards are achieved.

Metito Camp Qatar