Abrimix Technology

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Abrimix Dairy Process (PDF)

Abrimix has developed specific equipment to compliment the Abrimix technology within a specially designed process treatment plant which will be versatile, highly effective and able to accommodate most water quality variances expected to occur from client’s manufacturing process plant waste discharge waters in a cost effective manner to an acceptable quality as required and expected by our clients.

Abrimix technology accelerates in performance with:

  • The rapid effective separation of suspended solids (organic/inorganic) from a liquid medium including those of fats, oil, grease and any other hydrocarbons.

  • The accelerated precipitation and separation of certain contaminating dissolved salts as well as selective precipitation of certain dissolved metals and salts.

  • The process is able to effectively maintain treated water quality with variable feed water contaminant quality variations.

  • The effective mixing, dispersion of chemicals within a larger volume of liquid

  • The ability to effectively break and separate emulsions

  • The ability to blend and mix two miscible liquids together effectively

  • The ability to maximise dissolved gasses (mass transfer) within a liquid medium

  • The ability to accelerate dissolution process with an extraction process

  • The ability to increase mass transfer rates between a gas and liquid medium

  • The ability to generate the required gas particle size for a specific application and process (From Pico to Nano bubble sizes)

Technology throughput Scale Up

The Abrimix technology has various standard available sized throughput flow units that have been utilized within applications to provide the required treatment benefits. The technology can be scaled up to treat a specific volume throughput flow, provided there is a justification for the unit or multiples of the Abrimix standard available technology units.

The standard technology volume throughput flow units currently available are:

  • A flow throughput of 500 to 700 m3/hr

  • A flow throughput of 100 to 140 m3/hr

  • A flow throughput of 20 to 40m3/hr

  • A flow throughput of 10 to 15m3/hr

  • A flow throughput of 5 to 10m3/hr


Benefits And Cost Savings

Some of the benefits with the Abrimix treatment process implementation:

  • The treatment process accelerates the reactions and separation actions and reduces the required time to achieve the desired end point, thereby eliminating the need for large storage capacity and extended retention time

  • The process is actively controlled and driven to completion

  • The Abrimix process is not sensitive to variable flows or to water solids loading variations, it’s also versatile in dealing with water quality variations.

    The contaminant separation and reaction rates are increased to achieve the end point rapidly

  • The process is easily controlled and adjusted to achieve the end result consistently and rapidly

  • The treatment process is robust and easy to operate

  • The Abrimix process utilises less reagents to achieve the required end point water quality.

  • The Capital and Operational costs of the Abrimix process is less than that of a conventional equivalent treatment process.

  • Abrimix treatment plant has a small foot print compared to equivalent conventional treatment plant process.

  • The Abrimix treatment process can be totally automated and controlled remotely with ease.

  • Provides for water security and reduces costly local authority water supply.